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Diversity Works

Race relations and welcoming the presence and value of those who do not look or sound like you is an ongoing political hot topic. But no matter what your political views are, we as corporate and business leaders can agree that statistically in the workplace diversity wins. Diverse companies out perform their non diverse competitors. Every time! Why? Because when your team has various cultural backgrounds they have unique experiences, understand multiple demographics, and boast their own diverse, high quality network. Simply put, diverse teams bring more to the table.

Research shows that employers who invest in diversity hiring are more likely to experience rapid brand growth. If your company has or will expand globally, being able to relate and reach out to groups of other cultures and religions is mandatory. Diverse companies are more relatable.

A diverse and inclusive workforce drives economic growth, can capture a greater share of the consumer market, fosters a more creative and innovative workforce and is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalized world. When companies are inclusive in their search for talent, it’s good for business and good for our country.

If you own a business or are a Human Resources decision maker, you have the ability shape a company’s future and give opportunities to deserving high quality candidates. It starts with you. Help your company attract and maintain diverse candidates by:

1. Recruiting local

Get involved with local communities that have cultures and diverse backgrounds similar to who you would like to fill your talent pipeline with. Recruiting at churches, community centers, career fairs, etc will help you better connect with candidates on a personal level and could also increase your brand’s local support.

2. Promoting internally

Promoting internally is not only financially savvy but it is also a smart incentive for current diverse team members. Many employees, especially minorities feel they have reached a glass ceiling or that their career has wrongfully plateaued. If current employees receive continuous training and are aware that they have the opportunity for more economical positions they will likely work smarter, harder, and be more successful at their job.

3. Having diverse branding

Remember, the goal is to have a diverse workplace and consumer base, so work closely with your marketing team to have a consistent brand message that promotes diversity. This includes branding material such as social media posts, website banners, and other advertisements. Do not limit your diverse branding to images but also use brand voice and community engagement to attract those from diverse backgrounds.

4. Having continuous diversity training

If you currently have or plan to have a diverse workplace, in order to retain your employees you will need to provide continuous diversity training. Everyone from entry level to management levels should be reminded of your company’s discrimination policy, cultural sensitivities, and the importance of embracing and learning from each other’s diverse backgrounds.

Remember, diversity is not just black and white but includes women, disabled, LGBTQ, and those who represent various religions, and various ethnicities. Diversity is not a hand me out, your standards and bar set for a candidate is still kept high, you are just looking in multiple places for high quality content. Lastly, diversity is ethical. Keeping an open mind and being inclusive and not discriminating against talented candidates and employees regardless of their cultural background is the morally right thing to do!

If this inspires you and you want more thoughtful commentary and discussions on leadership, success, professionalism, and more subscribe to my YouTube Channel:

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