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Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

You can be anything you want to be. We often stress this ideal to children and teenagers but it remains true throughout adulthood as well. If you have been successful in your career for 20 years and one day decide you want to explore another career path you can do that. If a brand that you created needs to shift to keep up with technology and trends you can lead that shift. If you have failed several times attempting to grow in a career path that you are passionate about you can redirect those passions to another cause and direction. There are no rules. You do not have to be in the same industry and be excited and passionate about the same things and opportunities that you dedicated yourself to 15 years ago.

Stop it. Stop holding yourself to the same standards that you held yourself to decades ago. If life has been good to you or even if you have faced mountains of trials and tribulations you have grown. You are wiser and your life experiences more than likely have brought on new talents and skills that you are yearning to explore. So explore! If you love what you do, how you lead, and the impact you are making in your career or organization maybe you want to continue on your path until you retire. There is zero shame in that. I applaud your commitment. But if you want to be someone else and do something else that path is waiting for you. Make no excuses. Your age does not matter, the opinions of others does not matter, your probability of failure does not matter!

Do not limit your greatness. Evolving is necessary for every professional. You can reinvent yourself and show off you new or expanded skills in many ways but these are my favorite:

Do The Same Thing a New Way

If you love what you do but found a more strategic and efficient way to do it, create a plan to implement your new method. Evolving is great but can become disorganized for all involved parties when you are “winging” it. Avoid chaos with order. Make your operating system universal and detail a step by step guide for day to day functions.  


Your branding is your first impression to those you target but now you get a second chance to wow them with a new or better suited look. If your offerings have changed that needs to be communicated  through your brand look, brand design, and most importantly brand content. Revamp your branding so that the message of what you offer is clearly communicated and attracts and welcomes your target market. 

Use a New Skill

I know there is a high probability that you have developed numerous skills. You do not have to spend your life only dedicated to utilizing one skill. I personally believe that every talent and skill you have should bring in a revenue stream or benefit yourself or your community in some way. Don’t hoarder that greatness. Put it to work…..better yet, let it work for you.

Go to Your Target Audience

If you are doing something new or going down a new career path you can’t just wait for the people you need to succeed to find you. Be aggressive and bold and make the introductions you need! Try the following:

• Network on and offline with your desired market.

• Try to explore new locations and cities.

• Ask trusted professionals and friends for referrals.

• Create social media campaigns and online ads to expand your reach to unfamiliar territory.

Whether you are a professional leader, educator, activist, artist, or whatever field you are shining in, you can shine 100 other ways if you want to. You will know when reinventing yourself is necessary. If your current level of success has become stagnant and you no longer see growth and lack excitement, passion, and PURPOSE for what you do it is time for a change. Do what sets your soul on fire!

If this inspires you and you want more thoughtful commentary and discussions on leadership, success, professionalism, and more subscribe to my YouTube Channel here:

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1 Comment

Jamelle Sanders
Jamelle Sanders
Jan 20, 2020

Well written!

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