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What is a Social Entrepreneur

I love the heart of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are full of talent, grit, and determination. In most cases they are even selfless, working countless hours to provide a legacy for their family or create a phenomenal career experience and success track for their team. Social entrepreneurism takes it a step further with a mission to benefit society and communities primarily. A social entrepreneur is dedicated to solving problems. By definition, social entrepreneurship is an approach by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. A social entrepreneur does not work for profit but works to achieve widespread change and improvements.

What can we learn from social entrepreneurs? They teach us to focus on the bigger picture. What good is success if we don’t have a community or environment healthy and strong enough to sustain everything we have built? Unfortunately, social entrepreneurs are undervalued in society. We are so busy studying Forbes lists, and giving nods to business owners with the most accolades, mansions, and fancy cars. We focus so much on what we see and neglect the work and philanthropy that is unseen. If you are a social entrepreneur keep pushing and get connected and tell my team how we can support you!

Perhaps the biggest thing we can learn from social entrepreneurs is their ability to think big. They don’t view themselves as small. They firmly believe their individual work will help them achieve the bigger picture. As leaders and professionals we often undervalue ourselves and aim low in our goal setting so that we are realistic. Social entrepreneurs move mountains. When they are dedicated and supported they are great at what they do. They think without limits. What else can we learn from social entrepreneurs?

  • They value people over profit. There is nothing wrong with wanting financial stability but we must do so with integrity and keep our focus on who we will serve instead of financial gain. That should be the mindset of every type of entrepreneur and business leader:

  • They live chasing purpose and love what they do. There are far too many successful professionals who have money and fancy titles but hate what they do and only live for the weekend. Life is too short to not love what you do and be excited for it! Passion should be our fuel and we should all be eager to get to work which, only happens when our work is meaningful and we absolutely love what we do.

If you are not a social entrepreneur that is perfectly fine. Everyone has a different business calling and purpose. You can still support social entrepreneurs by:

  1. Ask questions. Social entrepreneurs are a passionate about their cause and not everyone is interested in their endeavors. Give them an ear!

  2. Don't pressure them about money or success. The money is not a focus and the success they care about is their impact on those who are undeserved. Placing focus on how they personally profit is not helpful.

  3. Learn about their cause and ask how you can support them!

  4. Don’t demean their work as a hobby or project. This is literally their life’s work let them know you support their longterm vision.

  5. Donate to their organization or a charity that they support. Small or large every penny counts.

  6. Just be there! The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one. Show your concern and support by your physical and emotional presence.

The social entrepreneur in your life will enrich and improve their causes and add value to all they come in contact with. Your support makes you part of the bigger picture. Every single entrepreneur on this planet needs a support system. We can learn from social entrepreneurs, we can support social entrepreneurs, we can also develop our own passions and social causes and become social entrepreneurs ourselves. They are often unsung yet integral contributors to our society so let’s all do our part to support them and keep the conversation going!

If this inspires you and you want more thoughtful commentary and discussions on leadership, success, professionalism, and more subscribe to my YouTube Channel:

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