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Leadership isn’t just a title
Be inspired by a passion for progress and the drive to maximize latent potential in all people. Learn along from Dallas Dance as he shares the successful change efforts he employed to transform Baltimore Public Schools. This true success story delivers great insight and inspiration. Readers will be moved and changed by the author’s three key success principles:

  • Establishing equity over equality by providing exactly what individuals need to be successful
  • Understanding change, how it happens, and what one needs to make it so
  • Knowing people deeply and how that leads to accomplishment and organizational change


Editorial Reviews

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School Administrator - Reading & Resources - March 2019


This book is a must-read for leaders and future leaders who want to avoid the pitfalls that can derail success. Through the story of his rise as a successful leader, Dallas Dance provides invaluable principles for successfully leading and implementing change. He also exemplifies a growth-minded perspective to stakeholders who are not quite ready for change by encouraging them to remember that 'no' really means, 'not yet.'"

--Kathy Rhodes, Principal

"Leaders are desperate for books that offer techniques from educational leaders who still practice and hone their craft from the trenches and a proven record of success. Dallas Dance offers educational leaders a unique, candid, and welcome perspective."

--LaQuita Outlaw, Principal - Grades 6-8

"Deliberate Excellence is a thoroughly enjoyable personal account about affecting change by being committed and engaged in the institution you presently serve . . . The author makes it clear that caring for the work opens up opportunities for advancement that allow the individual to affect change in more meaningful ways. It should also be required reading for all principals, assistant principals, and CEOs."

--Veronica Rodriguez, Special Education Coordinator

"Deliberate Excellence captures the essence of why successful leaders grow people and organizations: it's all about relationships."

--Tanna Nicely, Principal

"Dynamic leadership matters! Dr. Dance's remarkable journey has inspired him to develop a blueprint for educational leadership excellence. Fighting for equitable practices and outcomes for all children is clearly his passion. Every administrator or aspiring leader will flourish if these principles are put into action!"

--Cheryl R. Brooks, Principal

"Deliberate Excellence shows educational leaders how to increase agency within their organizations. This book effectively communicates the importance of engaging in challenging work to improve schools and districts, which is what the head, hand, and heart of education is all about. I applaud Dr. Dance for his extraordinary leadership during unordinary times."

--Dr. Andre D. Spencer, Superintendent

"I wish I had read "Deliberate Excellence" 20 years ago! Providing a roadmap for leaders wishing to affect significant change, Dallas Dance's book balances theory with practical experiences. Dr. Dance outlines his bold and successful tactics to address the complex equity issues that plague school districts. His strategic approach to communications is a model for all school administrators."

--Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent

"For 20 years, Dr. Dallas Dance has been an inspiration to me as a leader. He understands that true leaders inspire others to lead, galvanize their audience, and provide practical applications to difficult situations. Regardless of the political climate, Dr. Dance has always kept students first. After reading Deliberate Excellence, educators will take away successful strategies to increase student achievement."

--Dr. John B. Gordon III, Chief of Schools

"Deliberate Excellence is a book written for all leaders. Dr. Dallas Dance speaks from real life experiences that are relatable and from the heart. His leadership steps have helped him develop into one of the most accomplished administrative leaders in the country. The three specific strategies outlined in this book will transform your leadership skills and help you stay on track to ensure success."

--Susan Monaghan, Principal

"As an educational leader with 30 years' experience, I've read many books on leadership. Dr. Dance's book is a must-read for all educators. By sharing real stories, he keeps the focus on equity, change management, and communication. Deliberate Excellence is an insightful read from the heart of a leader on the fundamental strategies that should drive educational leaders."

--Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora, Superintendent of Schools


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    As a speaker and author, my focus is to train emerging and seasoned leaders to align strategy with equity, change and communication.

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